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Create a Branded Resume that will Attract Attention and Increase your Confidence!

The one marketing document you will use throughout your career is your resume. Competing with hundreds, if not thousands of qualified candidates, it is critical your resume distinguishes you from the pack. One way to accomplish this is to brand your resume. Branding your resume increases your chances of landing interviews. Why? It provides a competitive edge in the job market and affirms your unique promise of value to employers. Most candidates are smart enough to incorporate relatable keywords in their resume. However, a branded resume goes beyond relatable keywords. A branded resume is a full description of your commitment and guarantee of services in the marketplace. Leading companies strategically add branding elements to their business model to attract (and keep) customers to buy their products and services. Terms like purpose, promise, personality, and positioning are used to develop strong corporate brands and ensure company success.

Well, you can use a similar approach to create your resume. There are five components you should consider when building your branded resume. The five elements are: the Target Audience, Identity, Value, Differentiation, and Strategic Impact.

1. Target Audience: First, lose the temptation to be all things to all people. Be intentional of the audience your resume is designed to reach and use keywords and branding phrases that link directly to the position, industry, and the organization. Address your target audiences' needs, desires and wishes in the heading and profile sections of your resume.

2. Identity: When it comes to your resume you have a few seconds to tell your reader who you are. Your name, targeted position, and branding statement should be displayed boldly at the top. The reader is likely to read (or skim) the rest of your resume if they know immediately who you are and what you offer.

3. Value: Make the end-result the focal point. Stay clear from listing job duties and instead, describe the impact on someone or something you influenced. For example, did you manage or mentor someone whose performance improved due to your leadership? Did you propose a department (or company) training program for employees that was put into action and produced high employee retention?

4. Differentiation: You are one of a kind, and it is essential to show this on your branded resume. How might you stand out from other professionals competing for the same position? I'm glad you asked! Marketing experts call it your unique selling point. Think about what is different about your skill set, accomplishments, background, process, and experience and how its better than the competition. Thorough research on your next targeted position could help define and contrast your uniqueness and open the door to your next opportunity.

5. Strategic Impact: Your branded resume should capture all the great and excellent benefits and value you will provide to an employer. Through your research, find out what the employer needs and accentuate your solutions on your branded resume.

Let me know if you have specific content you'd like to read more about! You can reach me at I look forward to connecting with you!

Best, Yvette

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