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In the Design Instruction for On-Line Courses graduate program at the University of Massachusetts Boston students were tasked to design, development, and implement a three week online e-learning course in a learning management system.  I created an introductory course, Branded Resumes, Cover Letters, and Career Biographies and used Schoology as the LMS.  My course included:


  • Implementation of three modules

  • Course syllabus

  • Course welcome/orientation video

  • Media, PowerPoint Presentations, Articles, and Assignments

  • Peer review reporting

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The course Introduction to Branded Resumes, Cover Letters, and Career Biographies was designed for graduate students in the UMB program.  It covered how branded marketing materials could provide an edge in a competitive marketplace and included fundamental career marketing writing tips.


Click here to view full syllabus. 

Design Approach

As a subject matter expert in writing career marketing materials, my first step was to define the goals of the course.  I designed a strategy that allowed me to assess the learners' performance as well as provided useful content and resources learners could use throughout and beyond the course. 


Each lesson plan included learner-to-learner, learner-to-instructor, and learner-to-content exercises, which allowed students ample opportunity to practice, develop their skills, get feedback, and engage fully with the material. "Bates, A.W. (2015) Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning Vancouver BC" . The analysis phase revealed students had previous experience and knowledge of the various media tools selected for the course.  For deeper engagement with the material I provided samples of traditional resumes, cover letters, and career biographies with branded versions.


Development Approach

I created PowerPoint presentations for each lesson and incorporated recordings that provided in-depth overviews, examples and demonstrations.  I incorporated YouTube videos, voice-threads and an orientation welcome video, which you can view here.  The materials developed consisted of samples of traditional marketing materials verses branded as well as introduction video about branding, what it is and how to incorporate branded phrases in marketing materials.


I added relevant articles and whitepapers from industry leaders in career writing and development and a feedback forum where students could collaborate and share their learning and insight.

One of the hands-on exercises included an electronic Marketing Document Builder.  Developed in PowerPoint I labeled each tab with resume sections including templates, action verbs, samples, and a branded phrases document. 

Click the image below to view the full Marketing Document Builder. 

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