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Professional Development​

Your professional development begins with you and the satisfaction you experience in your career will be a direct result of the strategic decisions you make and the goals you set. 


Start with you---your values, beliefs, the impact you want to have and your aspirations. With purposeful action and a clear direction, it's possible.

Check out the videos below for inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and professionals and stay tuned for more to come!   

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Professional Development Videos

Interview with Nancy Daniels, Academic Vice President of Urban College of Boston.
For more about Urban College of Boston go to:

Interview with Shannon O'Brien, Founder & CEO of Whole U.

For more about Shannon go to:

Interview with Charles Clemons, Co-Founder, TOUCH 106.1 FM Boston Radio.

For more about Charles Clemons Muhammad go to:

Inspirational Videos

Motivational Mindset

Listen to one of my favorite motivational speakers Les Brown as he shares advice how to create a positive mind set. 52:03 minutes.

6 Ways to Build Self-Confidence. 44 seconds.

By Yvette R. Terry.

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